Please see below for COVID -19 scheduling guidelines.

Currently by APPOINTMENT ONLY!  Video & Curbside Consultations. Curbside Pick-ups. NO Walk-In Services.

Face Mask Required - No Exceptions

Serving Madison since 1995

Talent you can trust. Custom tattoos and professional body piercing.

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with four convenient locations

Blue Lotus Tattoo and The Piercing Lounge is a professional tattoo and piercing studio with four, convenient locations in Dane County, Wisconsin.  

Our goal is to provide a welcoming, comfortable, and safe atmosphere to assist you with all of your body modification needs.  

Established in 1995, our artists have dedicated themselves to exceed the standard and continue their education within the industry. 

We pride ourselves in our sterile practices and top quality products. We can assure you, you and your loved ones are in good hands. 



Prairie roses
Prairie roses




COVID-19 Scheduling Guidelines as of:


April 29, 2021

In accordance with Madison Public Health & Dane County Forward Dane re-opening plan and Emergency order #16 effective 5/5/21,  we have made adjustments to our studios and several restrictions will apply at this time for the health & safety of our staff, their families, all of our customers and community as a primary concern. Your understanding and mutual respect of said guidelines is appreciated. 


  • By Appointment ONLY.  Video Consultations.  Curbside Consultations.  Curbside Pick-Up.  No Walk-in Services.

  • The courtesy of full attendance is appreciated for your Video Consultation in order to maximize our time together with effective communication.  This is a professional meeting with the same level of manners extended as if we were actually in your company.  We will be happy to reschedule for a time more convenient if you are otherwise distracted such as:  using bathroom facilities, grocery shopping, driving, under the influence of/or actively partaking in alcohol/drugs.

  • Minor Piercings under the age of 16 have temporarily been suspended for the safety of your children and the increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 due to the nature of our industry.

  • Oral Piercings and related services have temporarily been suspended until we see a downward trend in COVID-19 cases in southern WI as a safety precaution for everyone.


  • Face Mask/Covering Required - No Exceptions; We will have several options available to purchase for your convenience.


  • We will approach scheduling more than one month in advance with a prudent measure of precaution in the event we are faced with no choice but to re-close due to a spike in COVID-19 cases.


  • We have worked through all our wait lists for services that we are currently able to provide.   If you missed the call or do not think you ever received one, please contact us.  It is possible we made a mistake based on the sheer volume of customers that we reached out to in a small amount of time and many of the calls were made from our personal phones so you may not have recognized the phone number. 

  • If our phone lines are busy, it is because we are experiencing an overwhelming volume of calls and questions.  Please consider leaving a message or submitting an email through our contact page under Locations.  We know you are excited; and so are we.  Please be patient while we work through the process.

  • Please be courteous of others and wait your turn.  Our team is working hard to make sure no one is missed and everyone receives the one-on-one attention they deserve.  

  • Policies are subject to change without notice.


  • We will announce more detailed information and updates as Dane County moves through the phases of their re-opening Forward Plan.


Thank you for your continued support!

                                                    ~Blue Lotus Tattoo and The Piercing Lounge


"I understand there is a certain tattoo shop atmosphere that makes a tattoo place feel tough and cool, but it was truly remarkable how clean, calm, and business-oriented this place was.  I went yesterday and not only was the receptionist and artist both on time, but there was someone actively wiping down every single inch of the place.  The interior is beautiful, wood panels and sliding barn doors to individual rooms.  The artist  himself was a complete professional.  He was focused, diligent and creative.  Of the four places I've been prior, this is one of the best"

—  Maika K.