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Grady ~ Junior Tattoo'er ~ Downtown

Heyyoo! My name’s Grady (she/her) and I am so stoked to go on this tattoo journey with Blue Lotus. I lived in Illinois for 13 years, California for 7 years, and now I’m here in Madison making my way. I’ve always been an art nerd, so of course that’s what I went to college for. But really, when it comes to art, you never stop learning.


I usually find myself making weird, cartoony designs in my sketchbook. This funky style is probably a result of my obsession with videogames as an impressionable kid, and my time spent as a caricature artist in Santa Cruz, CA as a teen. I make a lot of groovy, colorful designs that draw inspiration from graffiti, new school tattoos, anime, and classic Jimbo Phillips skate art. 


That being said, I feel like I’ve just brushed the surface of what I can do. My favorite styles are Black & Grey, American-Traditional, Neo-Traditional, and New School, but I'm open to most styles and I enjoy pushing myself. 


All in all, I'm drawn to the subject matter on the skin, rather than the style it's tattooed in. I enjoy thought-provoking imagery—art that makes you feel something. So if you have a cool idea and it's not one of the styles I listed above, don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to collaborating with all you wonderful people.