Denver ~ Tattoo Artist ~ Downtown / Westside

I’ve lived in Sun Prairie for most of my life. My father used to draw up his own tattoos and encouraged my siblings and I to draw with him. By seeing my mother and stepfather getting tattooed, I immediately became interested in the art form. In high school, whenever teachers heard I was interested in tattooing it was almost always met with skepticism and the suggestion of having a backup plan. I persevered and now I can finally say I'm doing something I always dreamed of.
I’m still trying to find and develop my own style, as most of my art career has been self taught and what I’ve been able to pick up from my fellow artists. My favorite subject matter is dark and creepy stuff or most pop culture subjects; whether its movies,comics or video games. I like to try and challenge myself and learn new things everyday. If my work catches your eye and you like what you see, let's collaborate and come up with a design that we will both love.

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