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Lindsey ~ Tattoo Artist ~ Westside

Originally from Michigan, I moved to Minnesota to study art at Macalester College, then found myself in Wisconsin. After college, I knew one thing: I loved drawing, and I wanted to make it into a career. Throughout my apprenticeship at Blue Lotus, I came to appreciate how the application of tattooing breathes real life into a drawing. While I love drawing for the sake of drawing, the added step of tattooing provides another special layer to my art making process, which I look forward to exploring further.

My personal inspiration is rooted in the aesthetics of nature - much of my work directly reflects my time in the Midwestern landscape, and all the flora and fauna that inhabit it. I like working in black and grey, blending etching and engraving techniques with my own tendencies toward realism. I’m always looking to work with clients on designs and expand my creative wheelhouse, so reach out with your ideas if you’d like to work with me!