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Wes ~ Tattoo Artist ~ Downtown

My work involves experimenting with a variety of subjects and elements of different artistic styles. Skulls, animals, people, insects, flowers, creatures, and symbols are a few things that I enjoy drawing and incorporating into my designs. I have a penchant for the odd, weird, creepy, cute, strange, and sometimes confusing. I find inspiration in peculiar objects, antiques, kitsch art, vintage cartoons, religious imagery, experimental music, and all things eccentric.

My tattoo designs and application lean toward the American traditional and neo-traditional styles, but I am comfortable taking on the challenge of other styles when appropriate. I am interested in integrating avant-garde, surrealist, symbolist, and abstract elements into these styles to create bold and unique tattoos that make a powerful visual statement. I consistently create one of a kind flash designs that are ready to be tattooed as well as custom work based on clients’ requests. Come see me at our Downtown location or reach out to talk about your next tattoo. 

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