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Four Locations

In 1995 we started out in a two room space and as demand grew we expanded. Five locations and seven remodeling jobs later, we’ve finally found our niche and homes.

We have four locations to serve you, so no matter where you are in Madison or if you are coming from the surrounding areas, you are guaranteed to find the quality services we’re known for. Much thought and care went into providing our clients with a personable and relaxed atmosphere, while also retaining a level of professionalism that is unmatched in our industry. Your safety is our priority; that is why when you visit any location you will be greeted with a staff that works to maintain the highest level of training and excellence.

All of our locations are now custom only studios requiring appointments for tattoos. This enables the artist to turn your ideas and reference material into a one-of-a-kind piece of art you would not only want to hang in your home, but you would want adorning your body forever.

Safe, clean, and professional piercings are offered at our *Downtown, West Side, and Sun Prairie locations. Walk-ins are accepted, yet appointments take priority. All of our jewelry is at the highest quality and is made to fit your body. Talk to any one of our piercing professionals about your body modification needs.

*Our Private Studio in Stoughton does not provide any piercing services.

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