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Samm  Piercer ~ Sun Prairie 

Born and raised in Madison, I have been a client of Blue Lotus since I was 16. After getting my first piercing, I developed a love of body modification and became a regular client. In 2020, I was hired as front of house and my love of piercing only grew. After graduating from college with a degree in Art Therapy, I began my apprenticeship in 2022. As I’ve progressed in my apprenticeship, I’ve found a love for all the ins and outs of piercing. I really enjoy the technical, challenging aspects but I also love the creativity and self expression piercing brings. I love helping my clients pick out jewelry and curate their set up or help bring new life into existing piercings. I enjoy helping people style their piercings so they leave my room feeling confident and looking good. Outside of work, I love thrifting, playing video games, and hanging out with my two cats.

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