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Thom  Tattoo Artist ~ Westside

Hi, my name is Thom.  


I have been tattooing altogether about 5 years now. My favorite style of tattoo would be split between black and grey (no portraits yet) and American traditional. I love the bold lines and color on traditional tattoos but also love the depth you can achieve with just using black pigments. I would love to gravitate towards more black and grey floral work but will never turn down a good traditional tattoo. I also love doing little script tattoos. My favorite script tattoos are memorial script tattoos of the persons actual handwriting. Those seem to bring the most joy to the clients. 


Outside of work I’m still a big art nerd. I love to paint with watercolors or oil paints. I will occasionally play a round or twelve of disc golf. Usually most of my time is dedicated to my family. 

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