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Tristan   Tattoo Artist ~ Sun Prairie

Hello, I'm Tristan. 

I hail from the small town of Fall River, Wisconsin. I molded my love for the arts there, in any way I could - from drawing tattoos on friends in class with sharpies, to making rings in art metals. I always found ways to incorporate and exhibit my art wherever I was, including designing my basic training flight's logo when I joined the military. After I moved on from the service, I graduated with an Associate Degree in Game Design and Animation. Finding myself at a crossroads in life, I began freelance tattooing as a hobby, and eventually found luck and family here at Blue Lotus.


I have a strong connection to Nordic and Celtic design, although I love a large array of art styles - may it be the dutiful eyes of Winslow Homer, the emotional ties of anime, or anything in between. I'm excited to have the opportunity to collaborate & creatively showcase your passions to the world!

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